Rick Madsen - Photographer
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Rick Madsen

About Rick

Rick Madsen blends his talents as a photographer, designer, and traditional artist to create powerful images that emotionally express his vision.

Rick graduated with a Bachlor Of Fine Arts Degree from Brigham Young University where he majored in design. His resume includes career positions as a graphic designer, art director, corporate/editorial photographer, and teaching various workshops and classes.

Rick's career also included that of being a highly valued photographer on the corporate/editorial staff of the world renowned Mayo Clinic. In this capacity he produced images that appeared in the numerous Mayo publications which included magazines, books, brochures, annual reports, major institutional campaigns, and various articles that have appeared in both national and international publications.

Rick's career has lately undergone a renaissance. He has awakened a long dormant passion that has led him down a new road. His love for the Western spirit and its American heritage has caused him to immerse himself in capturing images of the rodeo, cowboys, western landscape, wildlife, and western lifestyle. As a Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association photographer, Rick traveled the rodeo circuits. There he was presented with the unique opportunity to capture images of the great American rodeo. Rick's goal was not only to show the rugged action of the rodeo but also the personality, value, and lifestyle of the American cowboy. Rick has been highlighted and published in both national and international publications for his rodeo and western work. Such publications include: POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY, DIGITAL CAMERA, RODEO IN AUSTRALIA, WESTERN HORSEMAN, and ProRODEO SPORTS NEWS.

Rick finds himself amazed and continually inspired by the vast array of potential images that are availed to the creative photographer if they would only listen to the spirit in their heart. This spirit leads Rick to rove the reverent mountain forests, explore rivers, drive dusty dirt roads, and walk the vast expanses of the open range or desert. When this spirit whispers is when he creates his most superlative images.

Rick strongly believes that there are three important elements needed in the creation of a successful image. Those three elements are light, gesture, and color. These elements are so important to Rick that he has made them the focus of his own personal brand and creative expression. His passion for his art is what Rick is all about.

So who really knows what road Rick will travel down tomorrow, which direction he will take, or what he will see? We'll only know when he ventures down that trail.


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